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Menstrual Cycle Education in the UK

Welcome to Period Education

Welcome to Period Education, we are a group of academics and specialists working in schools, community and elite sport across the United Kingdom. Our research is centred on capturing voices of young people and teachers, we believe their experiences are key to re-shaping and creating change related to the menstrual cycle and have informed all resources we have produced.

I have always believed that knowledge is power for our young women. Knowing as much beforehand is always better than trying to explain afterward

Teacher (survey response)

Research Team

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Dr Laura Forrest

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Dr Natalie Brown

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Beky Williams


Dr Jess Piasecki


Dr Georgie Bruinvels

For more information on period education research, please get in touch:

Dr Natalie Brown

Optimal Period

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We are committed to improving menstrual cycle education across the UK

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