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Lesson Plans

We have worked with teachers and pupils to create session plans and information for teachers to deliver Period Education in schools. There are 4 sessions being piloted, 1-3 can be delivered in any subject, session 4 is designed specifically to be delivered in PE to help girls stay active. We are receiving ongoing feedback from pupils and teachers and will continue to update and improve these resources accordingly.

Session 1 - Menstrual cycle essentials

This session gives an introduction to the menstrual cycle, what is normal and starts considering menstrual-related symptoms.

Session 3 - managing symptoms

This session focusses on helping pupils to manage symptoms caused by the menstrual cycle, discussing symptoms and different management strategies such as food and exercise.

Session 2 - Period Products

This session focuses on management of the menstrual cycle, specifically the period and available period products.

Session 4 - staying active during PE(riods)

This session focusses on helping pupils to stay active and take part in PE. All activities have been designed to be physically active and complete within a PE lesson.


Tracy Johnston (TJ) | Senior Education Officer for Health and Wellbeing Curriculum | Education Scotland

"These new resources have been developed using an evidence-based approach that have incorporated the voice of both teachers and pupils. As a result, appealing, relevant and vibrant lessons have been developed to tackle a range of topics such as, how hormones impact on emotions, behaviours, changes in the body; how to track your menstrual cycle and manage your period so that you can still be active, breast support and, developing a range of support strategies to help when you are menstruating.

It has been a privilege to collaborate with Dr Laura Forrest on the development of these new resources and I encourage practitioners to take the time to familiarise themselves with these resources so that they can be embedded within the Health and Wellbeing Curriculum. "

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